Bill Moss - Still Walking

Reader Responses

Edited extracts from launch speeches for Still Walking

Paul Keating – former Prime Minister of Australia and former federal Treasurer

This is a very readable, well-written book.

Bill Moss has had the burden of the muscular dystrophy for most of his life, but it’s not Bill overcoming the burden which is important, it is Bill being such a clever bloke in his own right, carrying along an extra burden as the rest of us frankly don’t do.

And not only that, but in carrying it believing he should do something for other people who have disabilities in Australia.

It is now a fact of life that Bill has been one of the principal people in this country calling out for the kind of a disability support system Australia country really needs. There he is, he has been through this remarkable career, and yet he is still out there throwing a punch for those less well off – and this is a measure of his quality as an individual.

Allan Moss AO – former CEO, Macquarie Group

For his whole period at Macquarie, Bill Moss was one of the key leaders. When he joined, he started off with little more than a desk and a telephone. When he retired 23 years later he was heading a dynamic team of 1,400 people operating on the international stage. That was a remarkable achievement, not least because Bill didn’t just amalgamate these businesses, or buy these businesses.

Bill built these businesses.

At the same time as all this commercial achievement, Bill was engaged in a whole host of community activities. As well as taking on many disability causes and indigenous issues, Bill championed and originated a very successful campaign on airport noise and was engaged in fraud prevention and in sporting organisations, particularly the Sydney Kings.

All of these achievements would have been remarkable for anyone, but at the same time Bill has been battling the remorseless battle against muscular dystrophy.

This remarkable book is about how Bill did it, how he built the businesses and about how he helped to create changes in public policy.

It’s also about some of the famous people, frank stories about some of the famous people Bill dealt with along the way.

This is not an entirely happy story. This is a book about struggle but it is also a book about winning.

This is a book that tells the true story of how Bill triumphed through his intellectual ability and through sheer will power. This is a book that I think will be inspiring for many people with disabilities in Australia and around the world, and I think it will also be inspiring for all those people who care about those with disability.

Alan McArthur, Managing Partner DibbsBarker

This book is a fantastic testimonial to the things Bill Moss has done in his life, and an eclectic mix of things that will make it a fantastic best seller.

In recent times, Bill Moss has become a beacon for people with disability.

To me, Bill has always been a marathon runner. He thinks like a marathon runner, he is always running somewhere, and the current journey is for the FSHD Foundation. The reality of it, though, is that he knows how to push through the pain and I suspect that is very much the story of his life.

He is a person who is so determined. Bill Moss is someone who is fearless, who is determined, who is pushy. He is someone who is sure of the end result – and all of that is reflected in this book.

He is a man of great integrity of incredible values and fantastic energy. Long may he continue to make the contribution he is making. On behalf of us all, thank you for this story.

Some Reader Responses

I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading Bill Moss’s epic tome, Still Walking. When I use the word ‘epic’, I don’t mean that the book is particularly large, but rather, that the life and career and the man himself that you will be reading about is, to say the least, extraordinary!

Big on achievement, big on courage, big on speaking his mind and with unbridled honesty, Bill is big on making a difference and sees it through with tenacity. This is a witty, informative, insightful and inspirational read.
Jamie Durie OAM


Still Walking is simply a must-read book. It is totally inspirational for all people. To come from humble beginnings to become the doyen of the finance and banking industry is in itself is a great achievement, let alone whilst coping so admirably with disability.
Laurence Strano
Economist, Academic, 2006 Nominee Senior Australian of the Year


An honest and exhilarating window into the dizzy days of the development of the Macquarie property empire from its first employee to the behemoth it is today. Told through the eyes of Bill Moss, one very determined, focused and forthright individual who amazingly used his disability to his benefit, did not waste too much of his limited time feeling sorry for himself and is now using his time, wealth and wisdom to help those less influential who share his condition through the inspiring mission and work of the FSHD Foundation.
Lawrence Jackson
Principal, Catalyst Management


Totally inspiring, as I expected. Love the “no holds barred” approach throughout!

Such an easy read … didn’t want to put it down.
Maria Healey


I finished reading Bill’s book very quickly and then read it again to fully appreciate how much can be achieved by exceptional souls, both abled and non-abled.

We are all blessed with varying degrees of achievement and success ,therefore, should always be there to support all Foundations…. particularly FSHD…. and we will!
Peter Clissdell


It’s great. A book that you don’t like putting down until you have read right through.
Joseph Rizk
Arab Bank Australia


Thank you for writing such an outstanding book. Eye-opening, thought-provoking and bitterly honest. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting.
Philip Jarvis
Philip Jarvis & Associates


A must for all in the workforce – especially politicians.
Michael David


I opened the book to read the introduction, which was a big mistake as I now cannot put it down. Every spare moment I am drawn to it, like a bee to honey, wanting to learn more each time and not wanting to put it down. So at least now I have someone to blame when I fail to do my daily chores.

I have always held the notion that spreading the word will educate others about disabilities and create a better understanding.

So I really want to say thank you to Bill Moss for sharing his experiences, thoughts and feelings with all who are willing to understand that being disabled does not preclude one from enjoying and living life to its fullest.

This book has the capacity to turn around the thoughts and images that others have of persons with a disability.
Lorna Ellis


A truly inspirational read.
James Forsyth
Corporate Sales


This book is great. The combination of Bill’s extraordinary experiences, incredible strength of character and downright honesty make it one of the most rewarding reads that I’ve had in ages. After reading it I can’t help wondering what would be possible if more business and political leaders had even half the intelligence, curiosity and empathy of Bill Moss. I am also left feeling very inspired, empowered and motivated to do more.
Stefan Strano