Bill Moss - Still Walking



Tuesday 20 March, 2012

Bill Moss was interviewed about Still Walking by Ross Greenwood on Radio 2GB’s ‘Money News’.  Ross Greenwood’s introduction was as follows:

“There are some people who you meet in your life who you just don’t forget. My next guest is precisely one of those. 
If you ever met Bill Moss you would not forget him, not only because of his physical characteristics – of course his walking sticks, if you’ve seen him around the city of Sydney walking you would sit there and look at him and go, “What is this man doing?” because he just doesn’t seem capable necessarily of being able to get around.  You want to go and give him a hand, you know? Bill doesn’t need a hand. Well sometimes he might. 
The truth is that Bill has undoubtedly been one of the most astute businesspeople in Australia and also has without a shadow of a doubt come from very humble beginnings to enormous wealth, but then also during that period of time has always been very conscious of trying to look out for underdogs in his life.
I’ll give a small example.   He started out working in a factory at Villawood making aluminium cladding, effectively then found himself through a television quiz show, right, getting himself a new lease of life.  This was one of the most amazing little stories that’s part of a book that he’s written. 
So the whole point about this is really that he learnt as he went along, through university, that he really had to try and keep himself out of trouble, keep himself fairly clean, and ultimately went to work.
The whole point was at the age of 27, he gets the news that would be a hammer blow to just about anybody, and that is that he suddenly discovers that he has a rare form of muscular dystrophy. That’s at the age of 27. 
Now this is a massive lifesaving event for anybody.  And the whole point about this is that he was told effectively he’d be in a wheelchair by the age of 50. 
So he’s decided to go as fast as he possibly can during his life.  A bit of good fortune, a bit of good luck along the way.  
Became probably the foremost property investor in this country when he was working as a Director for Macquarie and the head of their property division.  
Bill Moss joins me now.” 

Click here to listen to the interview. 

Wednesday 29 February, 2012

Bill Moss is interviewed about Still Walking on Sky News Business’ ‘Switzer’ by host Peter Switzer.